What should you do in order to increase the HDL level in your blood?

What should you do in order to increase the HDL level in your blood?

Lowering the LDL is important. The HDl cholesterol should be high in percentage. You have to ensure that you avoid junk food items and also get rid of fatty foods. Rely on fresh vegetables and fruits and execute workouts.

It is essential to keep the cholesterol level in your body well balanced with low LDL level. Lower the level of bad cholesterol in your blood, the lower is the risk of heart disease and strokes. According to the researches, it is said that the lower level of HDL or good cholesterol is one of the prime factors behind coronary diseases.

Maintaining the optimal HDL level is important

The good aspect is that you can increase the good cholesterol with few changes in your lifestyle and dietary plans. According to the reports of the American Heart Association, the HDL level must be over 40 for men and over 50 for women in order to avoid heart related issues.

Lower the intake of fat

Whether you believe it or not, but lowering the fat intake can boost the HDL level. You can consume unsaturated fats that are found in olive oil, safflower and canola oils, nuts and avocados. Avoid saturated fat products.

Eating fish is helpful

If you are serious about the lowering the LDL cholesterol, you have to consume the Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in sea fishes like herring, salmon, sea bass, sardines, mackerel, etc. in fact, walnuts, leafy green vegetables flax seed and soy foods also contain Omega-3 fatty acids.

Positive lifestyle changes

In order to eliminate high LDL, apart from the food habits, you need to bring in changes in your lifestyle as well. You need to avoid junk foods, alcohol and other beverages filled with preservatives and working is important as well.

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