What kind of foods can help to reduce cholesterol?


What kind of foods can help to reduce cholesterol?

If you feel that you are high in bad cholesterol then it is still not too late. Bad cholesterol can be reduced by eating some healthy foods. These foods are not only nutritious, but can help to reduce cholesterol and at the same time keep you full.

Omega three fatty acids, nuts and red wine

Foods like whole wheat, oats, nuts like almonds and Walnuts, Omega Three fatty acids, fish oils, fresh fruits and vegetables can help to reduce cholesterol by a great deal. Oats are one of the best morning breakfasts that can help to reduce a great deal of cholesterol. You can also try out a cup of red wine every day.High-fiber Tempranillo red grapes that are used to make red wine can help to reduce high cholesterol in the body.

Tea and beans

Beans are known to be very good for the heart while tea is known to have a great deal of anti-oxidants that has the capacity to fight cancer. Did you know that chocolate also has the miracle to reduce cholesterol. It also helps to build up HDL. Dark chocolate is one of the best recipes for a good heart and for good cholesterol.

Garlic and Olive Oil

Garlic is also one of the best foods that not only help to reduce cholesterol, but also helps to lower the risks of heart attacks. Nothing is better for the heart than cooking with Olive Oil. It not only keeps us fit and healthy, but also is a low cholesterol diet for people.

These are the different foods to lower cholesterol

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