Lowering the bad cholesterol is not a challenging task

A proper diet plan is essential for cholesterol patients. When you have higher cholesterol level, it is necessary to consume healthy food items. Don’t indulge in foods that will accelerate the level of your cholesterol. If required, you must consult a dietician.
Does your high cholesterol level give you sleepless nights? Well, it is indeed a matter of serious concern because higher cholesterol means, you have risks of heart related problems, high BP, blood clots and so many other deadly diseases. As a patient of high cholesterol level, you have make every possible method work.
Start drinking regular orange juice at breakfast
If you want to control your bad cholesterol and have good cholesterol in your body, you must consume orange juice daily. Just make sure that it contains plant sterols, which helps to lower the cholesterol levels and also aid to fight many other health diseases.
Always, use olive oil in recipes
How to lower your cholesterol level? Olive oil is very beneficial for health as well as for the cholesterol of the body. This is especially helpful to reduce the LDL or bad cholesterol from our body. You can put olive oil in many homemade dishes and it makes the food as much as delicious and is beneficial for the health as well.
Eat healthy foods
If you want to lower your cholesterol then you must eat those foods which are rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats instead of saturated fats. It is an excellent method to decrease the LDL cholesterol. You should take care about the daily calorie intake. You can also control the cholesterol level by having more amount of fruits and green veggie in your diet.

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