How can you increase or boost your good cholesterol level?


How can you increase or boost your good cholesterol level?

HDL is good for your health. It is necessary to increase the good cholesterol and eliminate the LDL or bad cholesterol. Getting an active lifestyle can help in boosting the HDL. In fact, losing the extra weight is also necessary.

HDL is the type of cholesterol that is considered beneficial for your body and you will want it more. Do you know the reason behind its calling as a good cholesterol? It is because, HDL is responsible for bringing the cholesterol to your liver, which in return helps it to come out of the body. Thus, you are protected against heart related diseases.

Maintain the optimal HDL level

In order to check your cholesterol level, you have to follow a blood test. In case you are a woman with HDL below 50 or a man with the HDL below 40, there is a possibility that you might suffer from coronary diseases in the future. Thus, you have to ensure that your HDL level is at least 60. There are ways to boost your good cholesterol.

Losing extra weight is important

In case you are overweight, cutting down the weight can help in the booting of HDL and reducing of the bad or the LDL cholesterol. It can be achieved via regular physical workout sessions for at least half an hour. Getting an active lifestyle, not only helps you to lose weight faster, but also helps in raising the HDL cholesterol.

Avoid drinking alcohol

In case you suffer from high cholesterol level, it is recommended that you must avoid it completely. Once the level is normal, you can intake, alcohol in low moderation. Too much of alcohol consumption is related to  high cholesterol.

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