Have an idea about the high cholesterol symptoms

Have an idea about the high cholesterol symptoms

Having a high cholesterol level is not healthy. You must ensure to lower to avoid fatal diseases. Regular blood tests are recommended. You must seek the docto’s advice as well.

What is Cholesterol? It is a very important and essential substance in our body. It helps  to perform the function of our body parts  normally. You can also say that, cholesterol is a friend and as well an enemy  for our body. When the cholesterol level is normal and within the range its good, but if the level becomes high in the blood, it can cause some serious problems like heart attack.

Cholesterol is a common problem

In the todays world, the health problem related to cholesterol is very common. Out of  10 individuals, 6 suffer from issues related to high cholesterol. Having a high cholesterol is not at all good for your health. It is essential to reduce it with the help of diet plans and physical exercise since you are at a risk of heart attacks.

What are the symptoms?

  • If you have little bit dizziness in your heart or chest pain, it can be the sign of high cholesterol
  • Feel stressed and suffering from a headache
  • You don’t feel like eating
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • There could be yellow patches around the lids of the eye, or you could have whitish edges around your cornea as well

The above mentioned are some of the symptoms ofhigh cholesterol. But, it is always recommended to seek the appointment of a doctor and carry out blood tests. If you have a tendency of higher range, yearly check up is mandatory to stay safe from heart attack, blood clots, high BP and so on.

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